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University of Rochester

I’m really grateful that I’ve met you all, ever since I enrolled in NYC touched base in North Carolina for college tours and we went to visit NC State, UNC, and Duke. You’ve treated me well, like I was your own child and you inspired me to excel in areas that I was inadequate in and showed me how to use my strengths to my advantage. Then after I told you about the University of Rochester, you and Diana told me that you guys were willing to drive over 20 hours to take me to my top choice school. Despite running on only 4 hours of sleep, I felt prepared for my interview and really enjoyed getting the opportunity to visit the campus and explore the flexibility within Rochester’s curriculum and research opportunities. I’m ecstatic to say that I got accepted to my #1 school for Early Decision and I feel so accomplished that I was able to perfect my personal statement and complete my financial documents before the beginning of November. Thanks so much my dreams come true!

ACP Teams was extraordinarily helpful in consolidating hard to digest information about my university’s admissions and financial aid. Coach Charlene helped me, first, with choosing which universities were right for me and which ones I applied to. Then I received help in gathering scholarships and obtaining grants and loans that were perfect for me and my current financial situation. It can be easy to be swept up in the plethora of information and opportunities that each university offers and a lot of stress and anxiety was alleviated once I received the help I needed. With the help of ACP Teams and Coach Charlene I’m now attending Sonoma State University!


Sonoma State


UC Santa Barbara

Applying to college was a whirlwind of both excitement and stress! ACP Teams was there for me not only to help with my academics and make me a competitive candidate; but, they also provided support, advice and direction with finances and choosing which colleges were the best fit for me. They educated me on programs in which my AP credit would cover more classes and programs that were advantageous to applying to medical school. ACP Teams made attending a top university not just a dream but a reality.

The people at ACP-TEAMS have helped me to develop my education with their constant support and willingness to help me grow. They not only care about me as a individual but care about my success and doing what I love. The program was easy to use, very helpful in understanding things I have never heard and would have missed out on and taking the classes I needed in High School to help me be successful in college and obtain two degrees.



ACP TEAMS has helped with assignments, homework, and projects. Without it I would have probably failed a class. ACP TEAMS means a lot to me because I have met people who are always there at anytime. My favorite part about ACP TEAMS are the college tours and camps, I really like it because since I live in Maryland and have already visited universities in Maryland, now I’ve had the opportunity to visit other universities outside the area.


What we felt as parents: Firstly, Cynthia is a first-generation student, and due to this our pathways to help her seemed limited. We feared that we wouldn’t be able to guide her on our own, yet when we found ACP Teams, they helped her through the application process (even scoring some waivers!). Not only this, but they helped the parents as much as the students. Helping us gain financial literacy, a better understanding of institutional jargon, and inclusivity when it comes to the process of selecting the best college for our student.

ACP Teams accomplished what’s promised and then some! They promised to expose the students to their options, creating individual paths for the students, and aiding in the transition from high school to college. They didn’t stop there though, with all of the hours on calls, email threads, and in-person events, ACP Teams equipped our child with tools that will not only apply to college admissions but rather taught life-long skills.

The peace of mind: Avoiding unnecessary financial burdens. ACP Teams helped us avoid two major expenses. One, if Cynthia had not been educated on all of her options on college –like many students– she would have run the risk of costing thousands of dollars for an academic experience that was unfitting. Secondly, avoided the first semester expenses that were paid through waivers, scholarships, and grants! Without the effort of our child and the ACP Teams staff, we could have easily paid for a $30,000 educational experience. Putting faith in the program to help the students grow independent and more well-rounded in the process. 

An amazing aspect of ACP Teams is their payment plans. Allowing families to not feel overwhelmed in time with countless expenses (prom, grad nite, and college applications). Rather, ACP Teams allowed us to pay for the program incrementally over a year and truly brought ease to our minds. Not only this, but the program pays for itself, with the tools, resources, and social support needed for an emerging college student being granted.

We will forever hold this program close to our hearts. Charlene has grown to be more of a family friend than simply a counselor.

Maggie & Effren

Cyn (Cynthia) Gomez

UC Berkeley

This community of individuals and educators supporting me on my journey to college grew to be more of a family! Not only were they there to counsel me but truly had my best interests in mind when we were navigating the trials and tribulations of choosing a school, a major, and the best financial aid packet. The individuals at ACP Teams were also extremely accommodating to my school schedule, I was involved in countless clubs, sports, and AP courses. It was safe to say that I was overwhelmed and they reached out to me to make time to meet and stay on track with deadlines and opportunities. Charlene had definitely pushed me to my limits (in the best way possible), encouraging me to study for the best SAT scores, striving for those grades, and doing the best work I could outside of the classroom; I had definitely underestimated what I was capable of before I had met Charlene! Overall, my experience with ACP Teams was life-changing. As a first-generation student, it’s often hard to find the support you so desperately need– here I found a team, a family, and a life-long support system.

Attending my first semester at college completely free! Based on all the support and advocacy I had received from the ACP team I had learned how to advocate for my own financial wellness and literacy. 

  • Attaining $7,500 in scholarship for the 2020-2021 academic year! 
  • Being granted admission to the #1 Public Institution in the World, UC Berkeley


What helped me and benefitted me:

  • The calls ACP Teams made with me and the admissions/financial aid offices; all in the hopes to create name recognition within these institutions. There was constant advocacy for my success and I truly wouldn’t have learned how to navigate conversations within these offices at university institutions without this help and demonstration of support. 
  • The SAT prep courses offered, not only did they make studying for the standardized tests– those that determine much of the admission process– accessible, they also made it affordable to the students!
  • Campus tours, with these trips I learned what the important questions to ask were and the possibilities that come with exposure to a collegiate environment. The individuals at ACP Teams helped me “size up” the institutions we were visiting, and showed me that there are options and taught me to be patient– finding the perfect college wouldn’t be an easy process but I had endless possibilities available to me!


Being a student with ACP Teams changed my life. I went from being a confused, anxious, and indecisive student to a determined, self-assured, and strong individual. So many of my successes wouldn’t have had been possible without them. ACP Teams will be a program I am forever indebted to.

Thank you for everything,

Cynthia Gomez

I’m so happy that ACP Teams was there when my daughter started applying for colleges. They were friendly and willing to assist her, showing her scholarship possibilities, answering our questions, and also being very supportive. It was nice to know that we could go to them for help during this important time in her life!



When the time came around for applying to colleges, I couldn’t wait to start. Little did I know that the experience could be pretty overwhelming. One of the more confusing parts of the process was applying for my financial aid, but thankfully, I had the help of ACP TEAMS. They walked my mom and I through the process and always answered any questions we had, and it made the whole experience much easier. I’m very thankful for their help!

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