The steps we take to ensure success


Our assessment is designed to give us a deeper understanding of each persons unique personality, interests, strengths, weaknesses, etc. From there, we find possible careers and majors that would be of interest to you, that also align with your personality and strengths.

We want to set you up for success and the best way to do that is to understand and follow what is best suited for you and focus on a major early on.

Career Pathway

Once we have decided on a few careers that you are interested in pursuing, we create a general career pathway for you to follow. This pathway would be a generalized journey that you would take to get to that career based on way that others have been able to achieve this.

We want you to focus your efforts early on in one or a few similar majors so that you can work towards getting college credits in your curriculum the will save you time and money later on.

Curriculum Planning

When the career or careers of your interest have been identified, we plan your high school course curriculum. The courses chosen will be required courses that you must take in order to enter into a certain major in college. We will choose courses that better prepare you not only for that chosen career but also college itself.

More rigorous courses such as AP (Advanced Placement or IB (International Bachalorit Program, if your school has it) may be selected in order to make you more competitive when entering into college.

Additional Counseling

Along with our planning and preparation process, we provide any additional counseling that may be needed on your journey. Issues may arise that need problem solving, among other things that we are here to help you through.

We provide support for AP exams and PSAT. Also, we can provide on-demand touring for any of your courses as an add-on to any membership option.

College Campus Tours

We help find and schedule college campus tours for schools that you are interested in. You can do these pre or post application acceptance. We recommend post acceptance so that you may visit schools you received acceptances from and decide after visiting them which is the best fit for you.

Application Process

We walk you through every step of the college application process to ease your stress and confusion. This includes the applications themselves, test prep for standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT, and essay writing support which is required along with the application.

We also help with financial aid and finding scholarships towards school if necessary. This includes FAFSA, Preliminary FAFSA, and PUB 970. By utilizing these we can help you and your parents save money towards college.

Post Acceptance Aid

We provide post acceptance aid which entails any help you need until you step foot on the college campus of your dreams.


Basic Membership

What's Included:

•10 hours of counseling support


Premium Membership

What's Included:

• Unlimited access to all program activities

• Tutoring is available as an add-on


Family Membership

What's Included:

• Unlimited access to all program activities for up to 3 students.

• Tutoring is available as an add-on


*Financing Options Available

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